Accueil data scraping tools How Can I Scrape Business Data From Google Maps For Different Locations?

How Can I Scrape Business Data From Google Maps For Different Locations?


Why Web Scraping Tools Are Great To Collect Business Data From Google Maps?

Google Maps is the world’s largest business directory available on the internet for business data collection.

But how do you accurately and quickly collect this business information from Google Maps in a useful format? After all, Google Maps does not have a simple “export” option to collect all the business information you might need and If you buy this data from a company it may cost a huge amount. But using web scraping tools you can collect thousands of business data from Google Maps in a few minutes in your desired country, area, or, city.

Google Maps Scraping tools allow you to easily select Google Maps search results and extract and export them into a spreadsheet. This way, you can build your own business leads data from Google Maps in minutes. In order to quickly scrape Google Maps data, you can use an easy-to-use and powerful Google Maps Data Extractor with a suite of incredibly useful features.

How Can I Scrape Business Data From Google Maps For Different Locations By Using a Scraper?

If you are an online company and want to scrape Google Maps for different locations for business promotions purpose then Google Maps Scraper is the best for you. The Google Maps Data Grabber is a web scraper that can browse through thousands of businesses of Google Maps to look for business information. For example, if you want to look for restaurant data in a particular street/area in Abbeville, you can use the Google Maps Lead Extractor to find, extract, and export all the restaurant businesses in Abbeville on Google Maps. You can download all the business data from Google Maps in various formats like Excel, CSV, and Text files. You can save hundreds of hours by using this Google Maps Contact Extractor.

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Scrape Google Maps Data For Different Locations, Categories, and, Keywords

Scrape Google Maps Data In Simple Steps

You simply have to add your keywords in the search bar of the scraper and it will find all the businesses from Google Maps according to your given keywords in a few minutes. You can find a business by location, zip code, and business category. After searching, you have to select the search results and then press the start extraction button. The Google My Business Extractor will extract all these search results from Google Maps in few minutes. After extraction, you can export the extracted data in CVS, Excel, or Text files by pressing the export option button. By applying these simple steps, you can easily scrape Google Maps data and you don’t need to learn any programming knowledge to use this Google Places Scraper .

Why Google Map Extractor Is The Best Web Scraper For Google Maps?

  • You have 100% real and relevant business data of any local/international business data in your hand/computer with the help of Google Maps Crawler.
  • The business directory scrape can extract business name, address, phone number, email (if available), latitude, longitude, ratings, reviews, working hours, established date, and more you need and available on the business listing.
  • You can save data in various formats such as Excel, CSV, and Text files as you wish.
  • By gathering potential business information from Google Maps, you can boost your sales by promoting your products through telemarketing, SMS marketing, and email marketing campaigns.
  • The business data collected by the Google Maps Email Extractor is accurate and valid as it is collected from Google Maps directly.
  • The Web Scraper doesn’t need any programming to use it, even a non-programmer can use it easily.
  • You can save a lot of time and money by using Google Maps Data Miner because it can scrape 800-900 business listings in a few minutes.

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