Accueil data scraping tools How do I pull local business data from Google Maps?

How do I pull local business data from Google Maps?


How Can I Scrape Business Listings Data from Google Maps? 

Google Maps is a wonderful source of business listings, which provides business leads. People get business data manually for different businesses registered on Google Maps. About 45% of total Internet users utilize Google Maps services globally. Google Maps is the world’s biggest business directory that has millions of local, national, and international businesses to scrape for. Google Maps is the most common navigation app available globally having 86% of the market share. With any Google maps data scraping tool, it’s easy to find and collect all the data, which you need from Google Maps. With Google Maps Data Extractor, you can automate the whole procedure of having data from Google Maps. One might need an expert Google Maps scraping data provider like Google Map Extractor to get business details according to their targeted audiences. One can utilize these business listings data for telemarketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, lead generation, and for different business purposes.

What You Can Scrape from Google Map Extractor? 

With Google Maps Scraper, you can scrape different data fields from Google Maps like this:

  • Business Name

  • Contact Information

  • Business Address

  • Google Map Ratings & Reviews 

  • Website URL

  • Business Established Date

  • Business Open or Not

  • Category

  • Description

  • Email ID (if available)

  • Image URL

  • Verified List or Not

  • Latitude & Longitude

Scrape Local, National, and, International Businesses Data From Google Maps

Scrape Local, National, and, International Businesses Data From Google Maps

Key Features of Google Maps Data Extractor 


Google Places Scraper is an easy-to-use  business scraper tool that technical and non-technical users can use easily because it doesn’t need any programming to use it.

Get Data in CSV and Excel Formats 

A user will get the business information from Google Maps by using this Google Maps Lead Extractor with a CSV or Excel Format.

Scrape Different Categories & Locations 

Using  Google Maps Contact Extractor , it is easy to get required local results including a hotel, pizza, restaurant, and etc. businesses in the local area. You can scrape data for any country, city, or state by using a business directory scraper.

High-Speed ​​Extraction 

You can get extremely high speed for data scraping as Google Maps Data Grabber can collect data from 800 to 1000 business listings in a day.

Email and Phone Number Extraction 

Google Maps Crawler  can scrape phone numbers from business listings and even emails (if available). Moreover, all the data that can be viewed on a business listing can be scraped with Google maps Data Miner.

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