Accueil data scraping tools What Are the Best Web Scraping Tools to Grow Your Business?

What Are the Best Web Scraping Tools to Grow Your Business?

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How Web Scraping Is Crucial for A Business?

Web Scraping is not a new term. Businesses have always been employing experts for data extraction and collection to keep their growth graph going up. Now that we have big data and the data scraping tool to gather this data – Web scraping, business intelligence has become even more fruitful. In fact, data collection has become a necessary thing to survive now that the competition is fierce in every industry. This is the reason why most enterprises depend on data extraction tools to gather the data relevant to their businesses. This data is highly targeted and dependable enough to make critical business decisions. Web scraping is definitely a game-changer for companies as it can supply relevant and actionable data with minimal effort from the internet.

How Web Scrapers Save Your Precious Time & Money?

There is a large amount of data available only through websites. Many people search and extract data manually that can be a tiring process. Web scrapers are programs that are designed to collect desired information from targeted websites for targeted audiences. They help you to collect large amounts of data from different websites and save you several hours of copy-pasting and you can spend these hours in some other helpful business strategies. In today’s age, every business or marketer is using data scraping tools to collect data from websites for business growth instead of manually data collection.

What Are the Best Web Scraping Tools to Grow Your Business?

Either you are working on a product website, struggling to add online data feed to your app or merely need to pull out a huge amount of online data for analysis, an accurate, fastest, and easy-to-use data mining tool can save you loads of time and money and keep you sane. Here are five powerful web data scraping tools to save you from copy-pasting or spending time on writing your own scripts.

5. Top Lead Extractor 

1. Anysite Scraper

You’ve tried everything else, and you haven’t managed to get your hands on the data you want. You’ve found the data on the web, but, alas — no download options are available and copy-paste has failed you as data is in bulk quantity. Fear not, Anysite Web Extractor can help you to search and download data from multiple websites.

You can extract and get data from web-based APIs, such as interfaces provided by online databases and many modern web applications (including Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, and many others). This is a fantastic way to access social media data, as well as data from business directories websites such as Yelp Yellow Pages, Manta, and much more. Anysite web scraper is perfect for non-coders and easily surpasses most common data extraction challenges including page navigation, email extraction, phone number extraction and even scraping business data from multiple websites. You can build your own custom scraper for many social and business sites by using this data extractor.

2. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

As its name shows that it is specifically designed for collecting phone numbers. You can collect phone numbers of any audience type by using this phone number scraper such as business phone numbers, homeowner’s phone numbers, fax numbers, etc. You have an option to put your keywords to get targeted results and all the search results can be saved in your computer in CSV, Excel, or Text file formats by using this number extractor. It is very helpful for telemarketing or SMS marketing campaigns to collect potential clients’ cell phone numbers.

2. Cute Web Email Extractor

If you have targeted email lists in your hand you can run your email marketing campaign in a better way to produce better results. The Web email extractor is specially developed to collect data for email marketing. You can extract thousands of emails in a day from multiple websites by using this email extractor without any coding. You can get company email lists, business email lists, marketers email lists by using this email scraper. You can add a list of websites or put your keywords to more targeted email lists. You can save extracted data in Xlsx, CSV, or Text files.

4. Google Map Extractor

Google Maps is a great source to find prospects or business details as there are millions of businesses listed on Google Maps each month and millions of people search for any business or restaurant daily. You can scrape any business listing details by using this Google Maps Data Extractor like business hours, business address, business phone numbers, websites link, image URL, rating, reviews, email (if available), and much more. Google Maps Scraper is a web scraping software that makes Google Maps data accessible for every company or individual for marketing purposes. You can scrape data from local businesses as well as international businesses as it has keywords research option to search for the targeted business.

5. Top Lead Extractor

The Top Lead Extractor is helpful for both email marketer and telemarketer as it scrapes emails and phone numbers as well as Skype and messenger id from multiple websites. This Website Scraping Tool is developed to help the user collect thousands of business emails, social ids, and mobile numbers in a few minutes. You will get only targeted emails and phone numbers according to your given keywords. You can extract bulk emails and phone numbers in a few minutes from bulk websites by using this email and phone number extractor.


You can collect data for any marketing campaign or business by using these web scrapers without any programming skills. They are updated according to the websites so that you will get only an updated database. You can grow your business in a better way by using data collected with these data scraping tools.

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