Accueil data scraping tools What Is The Best Google Maps Scraper?

What Is The Best Google Maps Scraper?

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Which Is The Best Google Maps Scraper?

Google Maps is a very important resource for collecting leads data. In modern times, every business owner knows how important potential customer data is to their business. While collecting business data from Google Maps can be a very important step to ensure the longevity of your business and the development of your business growth.

Save your money from several exhausting hours of copying and pasting web content from thousands of Google Maps listings. Google Map Extractor is the best web data extractor program for extracting Google Maps data to suit your demand. This Google Maps Scraper extracts any information included in Google Maps businesses, after which you can export the scraped results to multiple data formats for offline and online purposes.

How Google Map Extractor Collects Data From Google Maps?

Google Map Extractor is an easy-to-use web scraping program. After selecting your category or entering a keyword, site URL, start searching, and wait for results. You’ll see that you’ll get thousands of results related to your keywords, business, or category within a few minutes.

In other words, you tell the Google Maps Data Grabber about the type of business and locations (city or state of the country of Google Maps), and then, in a neatly formatted CSV file, the scraper will create a spreadsheet that includes company names, addresses, phone numbers, rating, reviews, websites, latitude, longitude, reviews, opening hours and email address (if available). Do not worry! By default, the web crawler automatically removes duplicates results.

Try Google Places Scraper now and create your new and fresh data to generate leads. [/ youtube]

What Are The Benefits Of Google Maps Extractor For Your Business?

Lead generation is an ideal way to capture the attention of strangers or new customers to your company’s products or services. It is a marketing method and has attracted the attention of many financial agencies in the past decade. There are many advantages to using a company’s licensed Google Maps Extractor Software through the lead generation process …

Provide Updated Company Details

Innovative software can revolutionize the creation of B2B customers, which leads to great results for your team. Licensed Google Maps data mining software saves, above all, time and effort when organizing employee workload and quality control. You can obtain relevant, up-to-date, and active business listings data with Google Maps Business Extractor. As you know, millions of companies/businesses are listed on Google Maps every month, so collecting relevant business details for you is a very complex and time-consuming task. However, you can easily do this task with Google Maps Data Extractor in a few minutes.

Increase in sales

When you use updated data leads, you can definitely increase your sales through the lead generation process. For example, through an updated list of leads, a company can get a quick response from customers in the form of comments, such as how much do they value the product? Or do they recommend something similar to another person? These comments improve the company’s online sales experience as well as for users as well. Moreover, you can beat your competitor with this business leads list.

Make More Potential Customers

With a huge list of targeted customers/companies/businesses, you can target anyone easily. The b2b target leads list can also help the company define its preferred audience when it finds a perfect online audience, and the rest is easy. When you have customer details for a specific area or city. You can target them easily. This means that you will have to change your focus and attention to the areas from which you receive the most positive responses. You can collect data from Google Maps with Zip Code, Country Code, Area Code, etc. This will help you record more sales and change your temporary customers into real customers.

Save Data In Various Formats

Stop copying the details manually from Google Maps. Let Google Map Extractor do it for you! Don’t spend money buying old information, use our web scraping software to get updated information from the Google Maps database. Do not copy paste data to get the details of your potential customer, as the information can be extracted automatically using the Google My Business Data Extractor program. Save and export business listings extracted in the most common formats: CSV, XLSX, Excel (XLS), and text.

Find Leads Data Globally

With Google Maps Crawler, unlike any b2b leads finder, Google Data Data Miner allows you to search for companies in many countries around the world. The Google Maps Scraping tool can be used to collect all information from different Google Maps domains like,,,, en, maps,, etc. It means you can collect data for any country, city, state, area, colony, all over the world that exists on Google Maps.

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